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Happy Birthday Uchi Hiroki

Dear my beloved brother.. in this very special day Neechan want to say a bunch of thanks to you :* you taught me how to survive, to stand up again when we fall, to mend the pain and be strong... The sadness I have today is far from what you've got, but it pricked my heart deep, Hiyo... then you said, never look back what we  left behind, see the future in front of us, try our hardest and grab the things we deserve... I'll try to cure the pain and walk forward for sure, dear :')  uchi1

Maa Kun no Otanjoubi

Dear my beloved Maa-Kun Happy belated 41st Birthday darling. Wish you a very happy and wonderful life, granted with bunch of happiness, a great health, and everything you want. Simply, you should get marry soon and give us many cute babies ^____^ V

Let's say Hello to Ramadhan

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan. Welcome to the festive month where Allah showers us with bunch of blessing, forgiveness, and unconditional love. May we be the ones who can get them all. Happy Fasting for all my Muslim Friends. And may we can have a pure white heart as pure as this casablanca lily, Aminnn ^____^

Happy 33rd Birthday Ken-Chan

appy belated Birthday dearest Ken-Channnnn. May you always be the cutest spoiled little brat, the niko niko Ken, that we love sooo much. ##  <3 <3


Why I chose the word Osaraba for the title? Osaraba, a farewell saying is a word that is not easy to be spoken. Well, actually I've got to hear two sad news about sad farewell. The one is that my Junior High's friend's Mother got sick and have to be hospitalized. Soon after I've heard the news I text him and say my prayer and hope that his Mother will soon be better. He said her Mother was in a critical condition and he wished for my prayer for his Mother's recovery. Late this evening, from his other friend or relative I knew from FB, I've got the news that She passed away. I've got the second 'shocking' news from my Boss, he text me and tell me about the death of the newly born baby of our co-worker.
To say goodbye to our beloved family is surely very hard for everyone. I've lost my beloved ones,my Grandmothers, one of my Grandfather, and my uncle. Even up until now I shed tears when something reminds me of them, or when I really miss them, especially for my uncle. Me and my uncle, he treated me just like I'm his close friend. We can talk for hours about everything, which I could never share even to my Dad or my Mom. He listened to my worries, my jokes, my stories, everything.... Arggghhh and why my tears keep running while I'm writing this?.... I'm sure I've said my farewell to the beloved ones I lost, I believe God has gave them a much better place and God have taken all the pain they suffered. It is sure that it took times to really mend the wound caused by the loosing or even to erase all the scars left by mended wound. However, I wish for my friend and my co-worker and her wife that they will be able to say their goodbyes to their beloved one. Hmmmm, the most important thing is that they have to believe that they are not alone, and that it is a path which is paved by God, and surely God loves them.

P.S Up until now I don't have the courage to text them personally...T___T 

May. 20th, 2012

Wowww.... I can't imagine the world moves so fast recently, now we're in the middle of May Yippieeee!!!! Hmmm.... since now I'm half unemployed I have some leisure time with my friends. I went back home and last Wednesday we searched for Arashi's gathering next month. Solo was hot yet we're tooo excited hahaha, and as my brother recommended that place we went there, met the staff and asked for the details anddddd voila we got a spot for the gath Yayyyyyy!!!!! So guyyysss i can't wait to meet you all at June 17th... ^____^

Missing my sister

Last night was terrible. I suddenly miss my sister, well we haven't meet each other for so long time, and recently I didn't text her. I sent her a text (the report on my cellphone said that it was delivered) but somehow she didn't replied my text. Was it my fault that made her got mad at me? I don't know what I've done. The worst scenario (oh God don't let it happen) is that she's sad or having big problem and don't want to share them with me (which is possible).... Oh i just don't want to get bad prejudice on her, I feel worried about her.... What should I do then :"(
Well yesterday i made Nikujaga, a really simple Japanese dish. I made it with my own style and of course a slight Indonesian taste because I used kecap manis (well the shoyu in my kitchen was out of stock ^_^). Nikujaga's taste and ingredients are simple, the cooking technique is also simple. We just need a small amount of beef slices, potato, onion, stock (or dashi), sugar, soy sauce (shoyu and kecap manis) and some cooking oil. Heat the oil stir fry the onion then potato after they're coated by the oil put in the sliced beef then add all the remaining ingredients simmer until all the liquid almost gone. Voila dekiagari! ready to be served and eaten. Omeshiagari!